Gebäudereiniger bei der Arbeit

Perfect cleanliness thanks to modern cleaning technology

Cleanliness and order are among the basic needs of man. After all, it is these things that influence his environment and thus also his well-being. This is a fact that has existed since time immeever. Nevertheless, the methods that lead to the preservation of this basic need have changed. The reasons for this are that some cleaning techniques are simply more effective and faster. So today we have the privilege of carrying out many cleanings simply in the twinkling of an eye and without any effort. A classic example here are dishwasher and washing machine. At the same time, of course, the factor of „environmental protection“ is becoming more and more important. Today, it is well known that the majority of the various cleaning agents and methods have a negative impact on the environment. So it’s time for modern cleaning techniques that master all areas.

This is what distinguishes modern cleaning techniques

What actually distinguishes modern cleaning techniques? The goal has been the same for thousands of years – in the end it should be clean. It is also true that there is no maximum in cleanliness. The cleaner, the better. However, these results should be achieved without much effort and effort. After all, today you are looking for economical solutions. This means: maximum results with minimal work. Finally, the different cleaning techniques should not be too aggressive. After all, it is important that neither your health nor the environment are affected by it. The times of chlorine and Co are thus largely over. Because modern cleaning techniques are effective, simple and environmentally friendly. But what is this true of?

Cleaning with steam

A very popular and above all maximum gentle way of cleaning is cleaning with steam. Hot water vapour is used to dissolve all protection from all kinds of materials. This applies, for example, to textiles, metal, tiles or wood. The advantage is that no cleaning agents are needed and very effective results are achieved. Because the hot water vapor dissolves dirt very easily and without much effort. However, you must note that it only solves it, but does not remove it. Accordingly, innovative devices must be used here or you can work with your hand.

Cleaning with dry ice

A particularly modern method of cleaning is „dry ice cleaning„, i.e. cleaning by means of dry ice. Here, solidified CO2 is used, which resembles ice in this state – hence the name. The respective ice pellets are used as abrasives. The ejection with the compressed air leads to a cold shock on the surface and the contamination is brittle. The advantage here is clearly that dry ice actually gets all sorts of surfaces completely clean. At the same time, no other chemical additives are used here. In this sense, dry ice cleaning is not only effective, but also environmentally friendly. And that’s exactly what you expect from modern cleaning techniques!